Areas of Concentration


  • Federal Criminal Court and US Immigration Courts
  • Asylum/Cancellation of Removal
  • Major Felony
  • Board of Immigration Appeals
  • Federal Criminal Appeals



Most of our clients are individuals and small businesses. Confidential Fee Proposals Provided Upon Request

Experience indicates that most deportation/removal cases involve some travel, minimally several court appearances, written court documents and attorney briefs, suggesting that even the most basic case requires a fee of one to several thousand dollars or more. 

On average, a more complex and individual defense of removal case involving detained individuals will cost roughly three to five thousand dollars because of court appearances, site visits, and drafting of important legal documents. 

Our goal is neither to obtain the highest fees because of the value nature of immigration legal services, nor is it to be a "factory" where we are handling an overload of cases of this nature.  There are many qualified immigration lawyers throughout the United States, each with a duty to work to represent his or her clients zealously and effectively.  That is our commitment to our clients as well. 

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